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Helpful Hand Books offered by TriStar Motors:
TriStar Motors New Dealer Handbook, for Pre-Licensing Students
$45.00 - See Cover
TriStar Motors Renewal Dealer Handbook, for Existing Dealers
$45.00 - See Cover
TriStar Motors Dealer Sample Forms Kit ( set of 51 forms )
$55.00 - See Cover
NEW TriStar Motors Red Flags Rule Compliance Program ( with DVD )
$500.00 - See Cover

Refund Policy:
Any person paying by credit card who can not attend a class will receive a refund in full, by contacting us directly at 1.800.901.5950.

However, if you are unsure of whether or not you can attend a class, we ask that you signup online, bypass the credit card payment area, and pay by check or cash when you get to the class.

If you are going to miss a class and do not cancel prior to the class date, we will ask you to signup online and pay by credit card to hold your seat the second time around.