ALREADY HAVE YOUR LICENSE?  TriStar makes renewing it simple

As a renewal dealer you must, take a continuing education course once every TWO years. To receive your certificate taking our online course or our home study course, you must review the California DMV approved dealer education curriculum and pass the Quiz.

We send out your certificate within 24 of receiving all of your information. Our certificates are sent USPS certified mail (Overnight delivery available upon request for an additional $30.00). We will email or fax
you a confirmation of certificate sent.
LSP may attend or take the course, we need salesperson license number (S with 6 digits)
with expiration date.

2 common questions we get asked:

Got Plates sent a postcard but I took a class last year what's happening?
The dealer list is broken into 12 months the class is required every 24 months. We have no way of telling who needs the certificate in which year. We send out reminders based on the month that your renewal is due. To see which year you need to take the course please look at your renewal notice from DMV near the bottom in bold it will say:

The original Continuing Education Certificate of Completion or Exemption Certificate

Do I still have to take your course if I have a whole sale license?
Wholesale Dealers with sales of less than 50 cars per year may file an exemption.
Click here for exemption form.

Otherwise, yes you need to take the course every other year. Remember you have
many choices on how to take your course with TriStar Motors LLC.

Still have Questions?
Email us at: admin@gotplates.com
Call us at: 800.901.5950