dealer training now required of all dmv salespersons

California DMV and IADAC, the California Independent Auto Dealers Association have sponsored a new dealer training law for 2017.
AB 1777 authored by Assemblyman Lackey of Riverside County mandates dealer training for all owners and salespersons under the existing dealer education format. ( Once every two years )

DMV Inspectors will want to see each salesperson license clearly posted
a valid renewal dealer education certificate available at the dealership for each salesperson listed on the dealers license.

Given that there are over 88,000 licensed salespersons currently in the DMV dealer database we are advising our dealers to get their salespeople in training NOW to avoid rush and confusion.
Our homestudy renewal program is still $ 68. and requires a FAX of the photo id, salesperson license and dealers license to get started.
OUR FAX REMAINS 1-888-948-1795

The new law is making it way thru the legislature and will soon be announced as 11805 CVC.

We support IADAC and Larry Lawkowski in their mission to improve dealer education thruout California.

You can reach Larry from IADAC @ 916-893-3306
Thanks for doing business with us.got2


Joseph Weatherman
TriStar Motors LLC