come to the #realcardealerschool the leader in car dealer education

#realcardealerschool DEALER TRAININGdealerplate

our list of competitors is long

DMV Certified Car Dealer Class Providers

some are semi-retired from the DMV

some are lawyers looking for car dealer clients

some are insurance agents looking to write garage keeper policies

some are bond agents offering the lowest priced car dealer bond prices




the only school on the list with a real retail car dealer license

selling cars to the public

and brokering clients to other dealers

not selling anything but compliance and education

is the #realcardealerschool

TriStar Motors LLC



founded by three retired

SFPD training officers in 1998

raising money for the family of Officer Tom Kracke ( SFPD )


if you want to build a good foundation

and not be fast talked by a group of folks

who has never done what you are trying to do

come to the leader in california car dealer education

we are not the cheapest or the streamlined car dealer class

we are the only #realcardealerschool in california

find out if owning a car dealer license is right for you


we offer more classes in more locations

than all of our competition combined