bring your car dealership back to the future with car dealer school 2.0

car dealer school 2.0 has arrived

car dealers are moving into a new realm

digital documents

e-sign capabilities

mobile acceptance

delivery documentation

it is often difficult to attain dmv compliance within existing regulation


car dealer school 2.0 has the solution

imagine a platform where every licensed used car dealer

could operate their model in the digital mobile world

and be in complete compliance with dmv regulation

our forms are drafted for every possible transaction

and we use dmv training experts

to draft those needed in the future

we are often asked the question

can you really deliver this for $14.95 per month ???

car dealer school 2.0 answers




car dealer software for the existing car dealer

car dealer software for the all sales scenarios

a fully integrated platform with unlimited support

we can customize a document path for any car dealer sales model

we offer the solution to licensed dealers in todays used car sales market


over 18 years of car dealer education experience car dealer school




software with complete integration

base access for $14.95 per month

gotplates car dealer software



plain paper forms

vendor integration

lender integration


upgrades include:

buyer credit checks

buy here pay here system

complete auto leasing system


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