car dealer bond prices expected to rise in california

in recent discussions with larry, executive director of IADAC

we discussed the need for enhanced car dealer education

for existing licensed used car dealers

in that regard here is an article written by a prominent IADAC car dealer attorney

Lawrence Miles


A recent Court of Appeal case could make it more difficult both for California auto dealers to obtain their dealer bonds, as well as collect on the bonds against other fraudulent dealers.

In Pierce v. Western Surety Co., 2012 Cal. App. LEXIS 734 (2012), the 5th District Court of Appeal held last month that a consumer could recover attorney fees on a dealer bond if the consumer could have recovered such fees in a direct action against the dealer under the Consumer Legal Remedies Act (“CLRA”).

The bond company in Pierce argued that the surety law did not authorize the payment of attorney fees, but the appeals court rejected that argument.  The Court found that consumers were entitled to have their claim satisfied under the CLRA, which includes attorney fees.

The parties to a bond dispute often agree on how to distribute the $50,000 bond.  The bond company, consumers, and DMV all have a preference in bond disputes over the claims of auto auctions, dealers, and other parties.  With the addition of consumer attorney fee claims, consumer attorneys will have little interest in trying to resolve the bond disputes, leaving licensees such as auctions and used car dealers left with less opportunity for recovery against a fraudulent dealer.  More bond cases may go to trial, as the ability of parties to stipulate to a settlement of the bond litigation becomes more problematic.

Finally the cost of obtaining a bond could rise as bond company losses rise with the obligation to pay such attorney fees.  Some bond companies may elect to get out of the business altogether in California.


About Lawrence Miles
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your car dealer bond

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we call the dealer surety bond

a pretty pot of gold that

you must create and present to the dmv

it is a promise to three agencies of state government

the bond has a 12 month coverage period

with a three year claims period

for example:

2014 sales are covered thru 2017

by posting a bond you promise to:

always pay the dmv for fees and penalties

always pay the board of equalization its sales tax

honor all judicial orders for repayment

if you break your promise

the agency exercises your bond

the bond company makes payment to the agency

and you must make immediate repayment to the bond company

old school dealers have posted cash or savings

with a 3 year hold after you close the business

new school rents the money from the bond company

with the bond preminum based on the collective credit of the owners

wholesale only dealers with 24 sales per year or less can post a $ 10k bond

with preminums starting @ $ 300 per year

wholesale dealers above 24 sales per year or retail dealers

must post a $ 50k bond

with preminums starting at $ 850 per year

multiple year purchases are available with some discount

preminums for those with poor credit can exceed $ 5k per year with a $ 5k deposit

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dmv will bust you for indiana dealer plates

one of the fastest ways to get in trouble

with your car dealer license

is to cheat the government

on its sales tax or the dmv registration fees

the other way



no matter what you call it

no matter how you present it


California DMV Car Dealer Plate Rules


stay away from these car dealer license scams

offering to rent you a car dealer plate



Dealer License Pros  ( Scam )

Your Auto Dealership ( Scam )

National Dealer License ( Scam )

Auto Dealer License USA ( Scam )

DLC Network ( Scam )

Car Profit ( Scam )

FL Motors ( Scam )

Auto Income ( Scam )

Auto Auction Consulting ( Scam )

Flipping Autos ( Scam )

Delaware Wholesaler ( Scam )

Indiana Wholesale Dealers ( Scam )

Indiana Dealer Offices ( Scam )

One Stop Auto Wholesalers ( Scam )


most of the bad actors belong to this organization

Indiana Wholesalers Association

no longer represented  by this law firm


if you have been the victim of a car dealer license plate scam

you may contact our dmv car dealer attorney for advice and consultation

Stephanie Francone



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DMV Certified Car Dealer Education


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always look for a certified used car with an included extended warranty

CPO stands for certified pre-owned

what does it legally require to be a certified pre-owned vehicle ???

in california since the passage of the car buyer bill of rights

any used car dealer can publish their certification details in their office

and proudly advertise their vehicles as certified used cars

the fine points of the certification advertisment

is entirely at the discrection of the used car dealer

YES, the certification should include a warranty

YES, prior history vehicles are excluded from certification

YES, any car dealer may advertise certified pre-owned vehicles