every retail vehicle sale in california requires a vehicle history report in the deal jacket before the sale

VinAudit.com provides instant history reports for used vehicles.

In partnership with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, VinAudit reports contain:

 Title Problem Checks
Checks for over 60 different types of title brands.
Junk, Salvage, and Insurance Record Checks
Verification across over 40 million junk, salvage, and total loss records.
Accident Checks
Related accidents reported by state DMVs and other sources.
Odometer Checks
Record of odometer recordings for catching rollbacks and tampering.
Vehicle and Title Information
Historical title registrations and detailed vehicle specifications.

used car dealer bond ???




Following is a directory of Affiliate Members that provide industry-specific products and services. These listings are not meant to indicate or imply the approval or endorsement of education and/or other services by the Registration Services Association (RSA), they are provided as a membership benefit and resource to those of interest in such products and services. Please contact these Preferred Providers directly regarding their products and discounts or special offers available to RSA members.


First/Last Name: Michael Ramos
Company Name: Your Car Dealer Bond
Phone: 866-357-4405
Email: mike@yourcardealerbond.com
Website: www.yourcardealerbond.com
Mailing Address:
35640 Fremont Blvd #242,
Fremont, CA 94536
OL#: Insurance License #0C71055
Expiration Date: 03/31/2016

Your Car Dealer Bond (a California-based, family-owned company) provides the perfect balance of prompt service, knowledgeable staff and affordable prices on surety bonds for Vehicle Registration Bonds.

  • Quotes within 24 hours
  • Great rates regardless of credit or citizenship status
  • $30 rebate check for active Registration Services Association members
  • Payment options for dealers with challenged credit
  • We also offer Motor Vehicle Dealer (retail/broker/wholesale) & Defective Title Bonds (multi-policy discounts apply)

Call 866-357-4405 or visit our website at www.yourcardealerbond.com

Your Car Dealer Bond


First/Last Name: Joseph Weatherman
Company Name: Got Plates
Phone: 800-901-5950
Fax: 888-948-1795
Email: admin@gotplates.com
Website: www.gotplates.com
Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 883
Aptos, CA, 95001

Our Goal and MissionTriStar Motors LLC has been a provider of dealer education since 1998 (DMV Service Provider CCC 0004) and the first approved for continuing education in 2001. Our extensive background in law enforcement and operating a dealership allows us to deliver comprehensive training with a hands-on approach. Classes are offered in 36 cities throughout California, in a relaxed environment tailored to the needs of each student. Online and home study classes are available for those who prefer to study at their own pace. Our goal is to accomplish the mandate of the DMV and provide a reliable educational resource for new and existing dealers throughout California. Free forms starter kit for RSA members (a $55 value)!Call 800-901-5950 or visit our website at www.gotplates.com

Your Car Dealer Bond


Our purpose is to provide educational and legislative support to the licensed Vehicle Registration Services of California.
View details »


1000 Q Street, Suite 233,
Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: 916.446.6678
Fax: 916.443.6719

View details »


Potential RSA Members must have a valid occupational license for a registration service and must be in good standings with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

View details »


gotplates vehicle history report


VinAudit.com makes it easy:

Instant NMVTIS Vehicle History Reports
Get full, online NMVTIS vehicle reports you can save, email, or print.
24/7 Online Access
Access instant reports through our web, desktop, and mobile interfaces.
Lowest Prices
We guarantee the lowest prices for access to NMVTIS data.



— prefills “gotplates” promo code
— dealers who use it get 5 free reports initially

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are you currently a dmv licensed salesperson ??? consider getting licensed as a wholesale car dealer

DMV licensed salespeople

are getting wholesale car dealer licenses

in record breaking numbers over the past two years

getting a retail car dealer license has its drawbacks

the zoning approval can be difficult

a sharp car salesperson

with a bit of car dealer knowledge

with a wholesale car dealer license

can make a very nice living

use your skills to

acquire, repair and return certified used vehicles

to car dealer auctions and car dealer wholesale inventory

come to our wholesale car dealer class

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if you are currently a DMV licensed salesperson

your LiveScan fingerprint requirement is waived


and if you ever have a certified used vehicle for sale

provide us a smog + safety + buyers guide + vehicle history

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retail used car sale

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on our

retail dealer license

DLR 35862







does the texas dmv realize that beepi is already breaking the rules in texas ???


2100 E Road To Six Flags St, D, Arlington, TX 76011 – Map & Directions

Sales: 888-542-3374

texas licensed locations for beepi

DALLAS P129030 03/31/2017 BEEPI, INC. 3000 W COMMERCE ST DALLAS 8885423374 MOTOR VEHICLE


car dealer license forms checklist

• OL 248A New Dealer Application Check List OR
OL 248B Used Dealer, Dealer-Wholesale Only, and Autobroker Application Check List
• OL 12 Application for Original Occupational License, (Part C)
• OL 21A Original Application for Occupational License, (Part A)
• OL 25 Surety Bond of Dealer ($50,000) OR
OL 25B Surety Bond of Motorcycle Dealer, Motorcycle Lessor-Retailer, All-Terrain Vehicle
Dealer, or Wholesale-Only Dealer (Less Than 25 Vehicles Per Year) $10,000 OR

OL 65/OL 94 with Cash Bond OR

OL 64/OL65 with Passbook or Certiicate of Deposit

• OL 53 Authorization to Release Financial Information
• OL 124 Certiicate of Proposed Franchise
Required for new automobile, commercial, motorcycle, all- terrain vehicle, motorhome, and
recreational trailer dealers only.
• OL 902 Property Use Veriication for Vehicle Dealer’s License
• OL 29 Application for Occupational License Personal History Questionnaire, (Part B)
Required for each person listed under ownership on form OL 12.
• ADM 9050 Appointment of Director as Agent for Service of Process
• DMV 8016 Request for Live Scan Clearance (yellow copy).
Required for each person completing form OL 29. Details on page 9. Out-of-state applicants
call Occupational Licensing at (916) 229-3126 for Fingerprint Card (ADM 1316).


please call 2

just what is a buy here pay here car dealer anyway ???


By: Keith E. Whann

Your dealership has a good reputation, well prepared tax returns, stable relationships with other creditors and you’ve taken steps to demonstrate your ability to minimize a lender’s risk of lending to your customers, but you still can’t attract new lenders. What do you do now? It may be time to consider doing it yourself! The continued decline of the average consumer’s creditworthiness, steady increase of bankruptcy rates and the uncertainty of our economy now that we are at war in the Middle East have lead many dealerships to consider offering buy here-pay here financing. The phrase buy here-pay here is a term of art that is commonly used to refer to a consumer’s ability to purchase a vehicle and obtain financing for the purchase directly from the dealership. As with other areas within the dealership, there have been numerous changes to the laws and regulations impacting buy here-pay here transactions over past two years. In order to develop a successful buy here-pay here financing program that effectively protects your dealership from legal exposure, it is important to understand the differences between a traditional financed transaction and a buy here-pay here financed transaction.

In a motor vehicle transaction that is financed through traditional means, the dealer will enter into an agreement with the lender authorizing the dealership to offer the lender’s financing program to the dealership’s retail customers. When the dealership sells a vehicle to a customer, it enters into a retail purchase agreement with the customer and assists the customer in obtaining financing for the transaction from an outside lending source. In this scenario, the finance agreement is commonly referred to as two-party paper because it is an agreement between the customer and the lender. In a buy here-pay here financed transaction, the financing portion of the transaction is very different because the dealership is entering into the finance agreement with the customer.

The fact that the dealership is financing the transaction itself will impact everything the dealership does from the types of vehicles it acquires and how it prepares and advertises them for sale to the actual sale and financing of the vehicle. For example, the dealership must have its own credit application, notices related to the extension of credit, a retail installment sales agreement, and paperwork related to the debt collection process. Additionally, the dealership probably needs to modify its spot delivery agreement, delivery confirmation form and existing retail purchase agreement. These forms are impacted by a number of areas of law with which the dealership may not be familiar, including provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Federal Truth in Lending Act, State Retail Installment Sales Acts, the Uniform Commercial Code, Federal and State Debt Collection Acts and the new Federal Privacy and Anti-Terrorism Laws and their implementing Regulations, to name a few. In addition to the challenge of keeping paperwork up-to-date and legally compliant, sales and collection procedures take on a more significant role within the dealership. Keep in mind also that while financing transactions and collection activities between financial institutions and their customers are often exempt under most state unfair and deceptive acts and practices (UDAP) statutes, virtually every facet of the dealership’s relationship with the customer is covered.

Many dealers have found that if they take the time to understand the various legal and regulatory issues impacting buy here-pay here transactions prior to offering buy here-pay here financing, this can not only be an effective financing tool, but a significant profit center for the dealership. As the size of a dealer’s buy here-pay here portfolio grows, however, one of the obstacles dealers face is the negative tax consequences caused by the dealership having to pay tax on the profit from the sale of the vehicle prior to having received payment. For dealers who find themselves facing this challenge, it may be an opportune time to consider forming a related finance company. In the fall of 2002, the IRS issued an updated Audit Technique Guide for the used motor vehicle industry that contains an entire Chapter dealing with related finance companies, including information on how to form, structure and operate a related finance company. In addition, the Guide covers a wide variety of accounting issues that will impact used motor vehicle dealerships. It was developed with input from the used motor vehicle industry and can be used not only as a valuable resource tool, but also to prevent accounting and tax problems before they occur.

With everything that is going on, there will be no shortage of challenges or, depending upon your perspective, opportunities for the motor vehicle industry and your dealership in the upcoming year. Legal and regulatory compliance issues will likely remain on the forefront of the minds of all dealers, as will the lack of financing sources. Dealers have the ability to control their own destiny on legal compliance by updating their forms, conducting compliance audits and attending training seminars, but have fewer options available to resolve their struggle to find additional financing sources. If you are struggling to attract new financing sources, offering buy here-pay here financing may be the answer.

why cant tesla just conform to the car dealer handbook ???

Automaker Tesla looks to bypass car dealers

The Tesla showroom at the Natick Mall has an electric car on display.


The Tesla showroom at the Natick Mall has an electric car on display.

Across from the Victoria’s Secret at the upscale Natick Mall is the kind of stylish storefront where you would expect to buy designer jeans, boutique jewelry, and chic accessories.

But the expensive bauble on sale in this storefront is a car — the super-sleek, super-fast Tesla electric vehicle. And the Natick outpost may just be the car showroom of the future, as Tesla plans to soon introduce a midpriced model intended to broaden its appeal among car buyers.

That is, if Tesla wins its pitched battle with Massachusetts auto dealers over the right to sell its vehicles directly to the public from a comfy store, or over the Internet, rather than through a traditional car dealership, as usually required.

On Tuesday, the fight landed the two sides before the state Legislature, where Tesla and local auto dealers, through their state association, asked lawmakers to legislate the terms of car buying in Massachusetts in their respective favors.

The hearing Tuesday on Beacon Hill featured polar policies: one bill that would expressly outlaw Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales model, and another that would legalize it.

“It really comes down to consumer choice,” said Natick state Representative David Linsky, who is sponsoring the pro-Tesla bill. “What delivers the best deal, the best service for the consumer? Let’s let the market determine it.”

Elon Musk is chief executive of Tesla, which is fighting battles in other states that have franchise laws like the one in Massachusetts.


Elon Musk is chief executive of Tesla, which is fighting battles in other states that have franchise laws like the one in Massachusetts.

The outcome of the case could help shape how consumers go about buying cars, holding out the prospect that it someday may be as easy as, say, going to the Apple store to order a new laptop.

The dealer franchise law was adopted to protect local car sellers from undue pressure from the major automakers by, for example, preventing manufacturers from opening their own nearby car lots and underselling their own dealers.

Robert F. O’Koniewski, executive vice president of the Massachusetts State Auto Dealers Association, said the law protects consumers because it encourages car sellers to compete with each other; allowing a carmaker to act as its own dealer would eliminate the dynamic of competition within the brand.

And all Tesla has to do, O’Koniewski said, is join the crowd and sell its cars through the independent dealer system.

“This has nothing to do with trying to prevent them from doing business in the Commonwealth,” O’Koniewski said. “It has everything to do with following the law, like the other 412 dealers have to do and the other 25 manufacturers have to do.”

But Tesla counters that independently owned dealers are in effect exerting a monopoly on car sales in Massachusetts. James C. Chen, the company’s vice president of regulatory affairs, told lawmakers Tuesday that Tesla might shift to a franchised dealership model in the future, but for now the 10-year-old company only makes 21,000 cars per year — not nearly enough to support a network of dealerships selling Teslas exclusively.

That means a dealer would have to sell Teslas alongside gas-powered vehicles, which sets up a conflict of interest, Chen argued.

“There is a financial disincentive for them to sell electric vehicles, versus their internal combustion engine vehicles,” he said. “To tout the benefits of an electric car would naturally denigrate the incumbent technology.”

This is the second major debate in the past year in Massachusetts about competition in the auto industry. The “right to repair” battle pitted auto manufacturers against independent mechanics over access to diagnostic and repair information, which now must be made available through a universal system by 2018. Proponents argued it was unfair for carmakers to monopolize that information and force consumers to bring their vehicles to auto dealers, where manufacturers would receive a slice of the repair bill.

Tesla, meanwhile, is fighting similar battles in many other states that have franchise laws like the one in Massachusetts. The company is also dealing with a troublesome setback, as federal safety inspectors on Tuesday launched an investigation into whether Tesla’s Model S electric car is vulnerable to fires because roadway debris can pierce the car’s underbody and battery — igniting fires in two Model S cars recently.

The lower-powered Tesla begins at around $70,000 and can top $120,000 with a larger battery and the kind of luxury amenities found in cars made by Jaguar and BMW.

Despite its price tag, the Tesla Model S has wowed car aficionados and industry reviewers with its super-fast performance, super-sleek design, and high-tech interior. No less a gimlet eye than Consumer Reports earlier this year gave the Model S a near-perfect rating — 99 out of 100 — and described the car’s performance as “a silent yet potent surge of power that will make many sports cars weep with envy.”

The higher-powered version can travel about 265 miles on a single charge and recovers about 30 miles for every hour of charging with a traditional plug.

Supercharging stations, which Tesla is building at highway rest stops across the country — with two in Connecticut — can provide a simple repower in less than an hour.

The company plans within the next few years to unveil a more affordable car that it expects will start at about $35,000, though a firm release date has not been set. More immediately, Tesla will again try to push the futuristic envelope with its Model X SUV, scheduled for next year at a similar price as the Model S. The Model X will feature “falcon wing” doors that open vertically.

The Tesla’s performance is one of the reasons Hingham resident Laura Burns bought the Model S. But she said the best part was the direct-buying experience.

“There may be people who like to haggle with dealers, but I don’t know any,” she said. “Most people hate it. The experience was night and day.”

Callum Borchers can be reached at callum.borchers@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @callumborchers.

car dealer school 2.0 has arrived

car dealer school 2.0 has arrived

used car startups abound with rogue lawless models

@carvana @beepi @roadsterusa @trycarlypso @carkibo

@renovomotors @instamotor @driveshift

are the leading rogue used car startups

each has yet to attain dmv compliance with existing regulation


car dealer school 2.0 has the solution

imagine a platform where the rogue lawless startups

could operate their model in the digital mobile world

and be in complete compliance with dmv regulations

we ask the question

is it arrogance or ignorance ???

or is it @messina2012 that keeps them lawless ???


car dealer software for the existing car dealer

car dealer software for the rogue used car startups

a fully integrated platform with unlimited support

we can customize a document path for any car dealer sales model

we offer the solution to rogue lawlessness in todays used car sales market


over 18 years of car dealer education experience

gotplates.com car dealer school




software with complete integration

base access for $14.95 per month

gotplates car dealer software



plain paper forms

vendor integration

lender integration


upgrades include:

buyer credit checks

buy here pay here system

complete auto leasing system


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riverside car dealer school is taught by a real car dealer

imagine this

a real car dealer teaching car dealer school

would you be surprized to know

we are the only licensed retail car dealers

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we are not attorneys

we are not tax advisors

we are not bond agents

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Car Dealer Class


Your Car Dealer Bond

$ 10,000 baby bond for wholesale only and retail motorcycles

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dlr plate


retail car dealer sales preparation now requires vehicle history

What’s inside the vehicle history report?
The vehicle history report compiles all available records related to your VIN into a single report. It includes:

  • Detailed vehicle specifications
  • Current and history title records
  • Reported odometer readings & issues
  • Checks across 60+ potential title brands
  • The date and entity for title brands present
  • Records of total-loss reported by insurance companies
  • Records of salvage reported by junk and salvage yards
  • The contact information associated junk, salvage, and insurance entities

Where does the data come from?

The vehicle history data is supplied by the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). States, insurance carriers, and salvage yards are required by federal law to report data to NMVTIS. According to NMVTIS, their data providers include over 9000 insurance carriers, auto recyclers, junk yards and salvage yards and their database includes over 40 million salvage or total loss records.
How do I get a report for my vehicle?

You can begin by running an instant lookup on your Vehicle Identification Number.

car dealer carfax alternative

Sign up for a VinAudit Dealer Account

Please register here to receive a VinAudit.com Dealer Account for bulk access to NMVTIS reports. For instant activation, please fill all required fields.

Your Name:
Business Name:
Full Address:
Zip Code:
Website (optional):
 I agree to the VA Partner Agreement.
 I agree to the NMVTIS Disclaimer.

dmv story from the heart

DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles or Do More Volunteering?

DMV investigator follows daughter’s lead to help the homeless

When California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA) Member and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Investigator Sandy Fiore’s daughter announced to her that she wanted to hand out lunches and care packages to those in need, the acronym DMV suddenly  took on a whole new meaning, “Do More Volunteering.”

“My daughter, Valerie, is very much a giver, she has a big, huge heart,” said Fiore.

After two mornings helping the homeless in Van Nuys and at Skid Row in Los Angeles, Valerie Fiore, 13, was hooked.   “After going to Skid Row with my mom and my sister, I was able to see how people don’t have a bathroom, running water, or a roof over their head,” said Valerie.

Now,  mother Sandy, who, as a DMV investigator, is used to following leads, is  beside her daughter, Valerie, assisting with her pledge to make life a little more comfortable for those less fortunate.

As a DMV investigator for the past 15 years, Sandy knows the streets aren’t always kind.  “I told her, you’re going to see people who may not be nice, who may be under the influence, who may suffer from mental illness,” said Fiore, who insisted Valerie, and Valerie’s little sister, Gianna, 10, stay safely inside the vehicle when distributing gifts in some of the areas considered to be more dangerous.

Valerie’s first go at helping the homeless was in February 2014, when she made and distributed 100 lunches for an Honor Roll project at La Mesa Junior High.  Then, in December, Valerie made  61 care baggies filled with snacks, toothpaste, a towel and other items.  When it came time to make the deliveries, she put sister Gianna in charge of capturing those moments with a cell phone camera and then edited a video for all to see.

Knowing how much these acts of kindness meant to Valerie, Sandy sent Valerie’s YouTube link to a local television station.  A reporter interviewed them both and now, the Fiore Project, created by Valerie, is on its way to do more volunteering.

“I am glad my mom supports me in this project, without her this project would not exist,” said Valerie.  “I always get my mom’s support in anything I do.”

Sandy supported her daughter by having a few t’shirts made with a logo Valerie designed.  Now people are asking to purchase the shirts.  Their dentist donated 50 toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste.  Friends and acquaintances who saw the TV news story donated money.  Others are asking if they can join them in delivering the packages.

“At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to  handle how to do this,” said Sandy.  “I grew up in East L.A. and I work in the valley, I have seen all kinds of things on the streets, but with the help of the girls’ father, Valerie now has a Facebook page and a paypal account set up.”

“I have known Investigator Fiore longer than Valerie has been alive,” said Kenny Ehrman, president of the Association of Motor Vehicle Investigators of California (AMVIC) and Unit A vice president of CSLEA.  “She is dedicated to her profession, to her children and to her community.  I am also very proud of Valerie.  We can learn so much from our children if we just watch, listen and join in.”

“I am in awe of what our members do in their communities to help out,” said CSLEA President Alan Barcelona.  “Days off are few and far between, so for Sandy to dedicate the time and effort to Valerie’s very worthy project, speaks volumes.”

The Fiore’s are receiving many kudos and look forward to visiting the homeless with care packages on a monthly basis.  “I would like to be able to give sleeping bags to the homeless,” said Valerie.  “Because of the weather conditions.”


has @beepi given up on the disruptive technology used car model ???

we are leading experts in dmv certified car dealer education

beepi.com has made significant waves with its launch of a $ 65M used car dealership startup

beepi.com terms its model disruptive technology

and is funded by the same folks who funded disruptive technology company uber

here is a look at their model from a compliance point of view


one glaring issue for beepi.com is compliance with basic business licenses

the law requires every used car dealership to be licensed and have certain documentation

their santa cruz licensed location is virtually abandoned and is unstaffed

with no business hours posted

and no current business license

their los altos location has no license from the DMV

and has been turned down for a business license by the city of los altos

renegade used car dealer startup


criminal lawless rogue used car dealer ???

only dmv investigations can decide for sure

here is the dmv inspection report which each dmv inspector completes

when visiting a used car dealers licensed location

has beepi.com passed its latest dmv inspection ???

we would be curious to know

beepi.com status as a licensed dealer also requires a reseller permit

from the board of equalization

we have been unable to confirm their status with the state board of equalization

here is their current car dealer license status:

Tel: (866)623-3749
Location Opened : 12/12/2013
Location Closed:
Licensed to Provide,
Offer or Sell:
Used Auto/Commercial Vehicle Dealer.
License Information
License No.: 84834
License First Issued: 12/12/2013
Operator or Contact:
Owner of Business: CARSAVVY INC



our cursory review of the beepi.com basic license compliance

is part of our committment to quality dmv certified education

if you are unhappy with a vehicle sold to you by beepi.com

contact Commander Tom Wilson of the California DMV


a completed DMV complaint form INV-172 will be required


if you are interested in becoming a licensed car dealer

we offer our classes in 39 california cities

visit gotplates.com for dates, times and class locations









sherman oaks dmv certified car dealer license training


dmv requires a training class to take your car dealer license examination

dmv requires you pass a 40 question exam to submit your car dealer license application

we teach the required dmv license certification class in more places than anyone else

find out why our competition struggles to match our offer

could it be better value??

could it be better pricing??

could it be our dedication to customer service??

we like to think it is all three

visit our website to see our entire class schedule


joseph is our car dealer license instructor in sherman oaks


we have a class in sherman oaks every month


good luck with getting your car dealer license